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Babies Go Radiohead


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1. Fake Plastic Trees
2. Paranoid Android
3. Creep
4. Lucky
5. Karma Police
6. No Surprises
7. Pyramid Song
8. Let Down
9. True Love Waits
10. Exit Music (For A Film)
11. I Will
12. You And Whose Army?
13. Idioteque
14. Bulletproof… I Wish I Was

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Paranoid Android
No Surprises


Out of stock

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Sweet, peaceful and yet still sophisticated, these lullaby renditions of Radiohead songs are easy listening for people of all ages. The songs retain all the dream-like quality of Radiohead’s originals, but are stripped back to an even gentler sound that’s easy on the ears.

The serene interpretations of some of Radiohead’s best-loved songs including ‘Idioteque’, ‘Creep’ and ‘Karma Police’, will surely have you and your little one relaxing at bedtime. No alarms and no surprises. Just sweet, gentle music and a very peaceful bedtime.