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Babies Go Madonna


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1.Take A Bow
2. Crazy For You
3. Dear Jessy
4. Hang Up
5.Express Yourself
6.Nothing Fails
7.Don’t Tell Me
8. Love Profusion
9.La Isla Bonita
10.Like A Prayer
11. Secret
12.Live To Tell
13.Ray Of Light
14. True Blue

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Express Yourself
La Isla Bonita
Like A Prayer


In stock

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Is your little ray of light keeping you awake at night? Then try lulling your little one to sleep with the soothing sounds of Madonna lullaby songs.

This CD features some of the most iconic hits from the queen of pop, all with a gentle, lullaby twist. The relaxing sounds of oboes and violins create an instant mood of tranquillity, where all you (and your little one) want to do is relax and unwind.

With hits such as ‘Like a Prayer’ and ‘Ray of Light’ it’s easy to forget you’ll be listening to a lullaby CD at all.