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Babies Go Led Zepplin


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1. Stairway to Heaven
2. All My Love
3. Black Dog
4. Babe I’m Gonna leave You Now
5. Bron – Yr – Aur Stomp
6. D’yer Mak’er
7. Going To California
8. Good Times Bad Times
9. Immigrant Song
10. Kashmir
11. Misty Mountain Hop
12. Rock and Roll
13. Tangerine
14. Whole Lotta Love.

Listen to 30 second samples.

Stairway To Heaven
Immigrant Song




Close the doors and put out the light. This Led Zepplin lullabies CD could be your stairway to bedtime heaven.

The iconic songs of Led Zepplin have been transformed into gently, bedtime-friendly renditions that are easy on the ear but still preserve the iconic rock melodies of the original songs

These grown-up lullaby songs are sure to help ease your little one off to sleep, whilst also giving you a sophisticated and ‘grown-up’ alternative to regular lullaby songs to enjoy. Perfect, easy-listening for good times, bad times… and bed times