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Babies Go Lady Gaga


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1. Poker Face
2. Bad Romance
3. Alejandro
4. Telephone
5. Just Dance
6. Paparazzi
7. Lovegame
8. Monster
9. The Fame
10. I Like It Rough
11. Boys, Boys, Boys
12. Judas
13. Born This Way
14. The Edge Of Glory

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Bad Romance


In stock



Is your tiny tot a little monster when it comes to bedtime? Are tantrums and tears keeping you awake at night?

Try playing some of these lullaby renditions of Lady Gaga songs to help ease the mood and turn-down the tantrums as you turn up the music.

With fan-favourites like ‘Paparazzi’, ‘Poker Face’ and ‘The Edge of Glory’, all slowed down to a relaxing tempo and with a soft sound, this is a ‘grown-up’ lullaby CD that you and baby can enjoy together.

The upbeat pop sound of Lady Gaga has been beautifully transformed into gentle lullaby renditions of your favourite Gaga hits that will see your little one (and even yourself) off