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Babies Go Guns N Roses


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1. Don’t Cry
2. Patience
3. Yesterdays
4. November Rain
5. You Could Be mine
6. Sweet Child Of Mine
7. Civil War
8. Sinee I Don’t Have You
9. Knockin On Heavens Door
10. You Aint The First
11. 14 years
12. Breakdown
13. The Garden
14. Dust n’Bones

Listen to 30 second samples.

Knockin On Heaven’s Door
Sweet Child Of Mine
November Rain


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Try some of these gentle renditions of your favourite Guns n Roses songs the next time that sweet child o’yours keeps you up at night! These sophisticated rock lullabies are classics that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, re-imagined for infants but with the parents in mind.

Rock out as you rock your baby to sleep with these sweet lullaby renditions of some of Guns n Roses’ most classic rock songs.