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1. Is This Love
2. Buffalo Soldier
3. Get Up, Stand Up
4. I Shot The Sheriff
5. No Woman No Cry
6. Roots, Rock, Reggae
7. Jammin
8. Waiting In The Rain
9. Three Little Birds
10. Turn Your Lights Down Low
11. One Love
12. Could You Be Love
13. I Know A Place
14. Stir It Up

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Buffalo Soldier
One Love


Out of stock



Are you looking for some smooth, groovy Bob Marley baby music to bring some gentle reggae to your baby’s bedtime routine? Then look no further!
Bob Marley’s sweet, soothing melodies are brought to life with these beautiful lullaby renditions of some of his classic songs. Gently rock your baby to sleep to the sounds of classic Bob Marley favourites, such as ‘Jammin’, ‘No Woman No Cry’, ‘Get Up Stand Up’ and ‘Is This Love’.
No more sleepless nights or bedtime tantrums. Just pop in this album at bedtime and relax to the simple, sweet baby music as you lull your baby (or even yourself) into slumber. These wonderful lullaby renditions preserve the melody of the original songs, but strip them back to a gentle, smooth sound that is fit for anyone to fall asleep to.
These lullaby versions of Bob Marley classics are the perfect remedy for sleepless nights, bringing peace and calm to your little one’s all-important bed time.