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1. Hey Jude
2. And I Love Her
3. Let It Be
4. Yesterday
5. If I Fell
6. Nowehere Man
7. Michelle
8. Here There And Everywhere
9. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
10. Yellow Submarine
11. Obladi, Oblada
12. She’s Leaving Home
13. Norwegian Wood
14. Martha My Dear

Listen to 30 second samples.

Norweigian Wood




All your troubles will seem so far away when you play this Beatles baby music for your little one at bedtime. These relaxing lullaby renditions of some of the Beatles’ most renowned songs are easy on the ear for both you and your baby, featuring the sweet sound of harps, oboes and violins.
This album is a must-have for any Beatles fan. Featuring some of the band’s most popular songs, like ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’, ‘Hey Jude and ‘Yellow Submarine’, the iconic and magical Beatles’ sound is transformed into a sweet melody that both you and your baby will enjoy.
Just pop in this lullaby album when bedtime approaches and see how quickly your little mite slips off to sleep. Hard day’s nights don’t have to be filled with tears and tantrums any longer!

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